Pull off Fantastic Major Minor Celebrations

  • Feb 3, 2017

In the not too distant past, companies recognized staff members’ accomplishments in five-year increments. But waiting half a decade for a paper certificate that marks nothing but the passage of time failed to encourage occupational initiative and creative thinking. Enter the perfect solution: “major/minor celebrations.” The trend of marking small, personal accomplishments is gaining a foothold in the workforce, potentially due to the mass entry of Millennials into the labor force.


A study done by CQ Researcher defines the nation's 75 million Millennials (those who are 18 to 34 years old) as the group that currently makes up the largest generation in the United States.


·         More Millennials are in the workforce than any other age group.

·         As early adopters of digital technologies, they are helping reshape the way Americans shop, consume news and communicate with one another. 

·         Most Millennials were born into a world that “already celebrated the individual.” In her 2006 book, Generation Me, author Jean Twenge, PH.D. wrote that, “self-esteem morphed from an ‘obscure academic term’ to a concept that pervaded the culture by the mid-1990’s.”

·         It became a cliché that Millennials were told they were “special.”

 Parents of Millennials are criticized by some researchers and reporters for “coddling their children,” and for “raising a generation of ‘entitled kids.’” On the other hand, this ingrained drive for recognition can serve to motivate employees to go the extra mile. So, take the advantage of this trend and reward your staff members’ for the hard work they have done thus far.

 “As Millennials move into leadership, we'll see more things...changing how work is structured and how places of employment engage with the community,” says Russell Krumnow, author of “Opportunity Nation.”


What would qualify for a Major/ Minor Celebration?congrats


1.      Observe Minor Holidays. With so many holiday parties and events competing for your employees’ attention in December, why wait to celebrate then? Instead, observe minor holidays such as Administrative Professionals’ Day (April 26, 2017), Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17, 2017), or Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (Feb. 11, 2017. Producers of the app, Track Maven, have created a comprehensive list of more than 2,300 holidays and observances you could use as a springboard for office celebrations.

2.      Meet Team Goals. It’s important to parcel the journey toward organizational goals into small steps taken along the way. For instance, if your goal is to get to five million dollars in annual sales within 10 years, and you’re currently at $200,000, reaching $400,000 might be a good benchmark. The point is to set a goal that you can achieve in the short term. And when you hit one of the benchmarks, stop to enjoy the achievement.

3.      Honor Personal & Professional Achievements. This could apply to employees who receive promotions, land new accounts, or hit surpass sales’ goals; as well as to people who mark personal milestones, such as winning the lottery, getting married, or earning a graduate degree. 


How to Throw the Perfect Major/Minor Celebration

·         Let the world know. Issue a press release, send a letter to the recipient’s college alumni magazine, or write an article about the celebration for your newsletter.

·        celebration in a box Throw a mini-party. You have to see the Celebration in a Box – it’s a celebration that’s perfect and personalized for any occasion!

·         Personal triumphs:  If the recipient just ran their first marathon, you may not want to mark the occasion with cake. But how about a banner marking the occasion in their work space! Gift them with a set of blue tooth headphones with the Company logo.

·         Keep gifts at the ready. Order and stow some celebratory gifts in your promo closet. Keeping a few on hand, such as Bluetooth headphones for the athlete, a picnic basket for the newly wed, a Onesie for new parents, or an Action Camera recorded with the event for your new promotion!    action camera

·         Include all your employees in company goal & event celebrations. Last year, one of On Target Promotion’s clients reached a monumental sales goal. Instead of celebrating with just the sales team, they made the smart decision to include every employee in a company-wide event. They called us one week before the event, asking us to personalize a gift that each one of their employees would appreciate and use, for less than twelve dollars each. One week later, On Target Promotions delivered 450 personalized backpack coolers one day before the celebration. Their employees are still carrying this cooler, which serves as a reminder of a goal that took everyone in the company to achieve.
cooler backpack

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