On Target Golf Tournament Success Stories

  • Jun 1, 2017

You and I know that golf means more than just a tiny white ball rolling across a massive green. It means raising money for a charity, getting together with business acquaintances, inking deals over the golf course and  have your brand seen at that community event  

Since people of virtually every fitness level can participate, golf tournaments provide the perfect backdrop for everything from casual conversation to fierce competition. And with 24.1 million self-proclaimed “golfers” in the U.S. and some 800,000 tournaments held each year, the events appeal as much to small non-profit organizations as multi-national corporations.

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One of the reasons golf tournaments are so popular among players is because they appeal to golfers of all levels. Beginners have just as much chance at claiming victory as seasoned professionals, since foursomes are specifically assembled to evenly distribute talent.

A Few short golf tournament success stories:

  • Conceived to raise funds for teaching the deaf, The HEAR Center Annual Golf Tournament has been the mainstay of the center’s fundraising efforts for 33 years, raising $750,000 during that time.
  • The Southern California grief support group, New Hope, exceeded their goal with their first golf tournament, Fore Hope, collecting $30,000 through tournament registrations, a silent auction and sponsorships.
  • The Fidelco Fall Classic is an annual charity golf tournament that benefits a New England guide-dog school. The three-year-old event is a significant revenue generator for the foundation, having raised $12,000 its first year and $20,000 the second. The event is sponsored by Stanley Corp., makers of Stanley tools, a partnership that has connected the foundation to a host of other companies.

In addition to team-building and fundraising, tournaments are a great way for non-profit directors and entrepreneurs to brand — not just with on-site signage but also through personalized prizes and participant swag. Whether you choose to distribute gifts on the golf course during registration, immediately following game play, inside the clubhouse following the tournament, or as the highlight of a follow-up banquet, there are lots of great ways to promote your brand:

golf productsOn-Site Promotional Ideas

Participant Gift Ideas



Collegiate Case Studies

golf capDivision I College

The Goal Line Football Club at a Division I college holds an annual golf tournament to raise money for non-school funded items. This year, with the funds raised, they were able to upgrade the equipment room and fund a new video-editing machine. Local companies sponsored the events and co-branded with the university on golf balls, golf bags and other golf related products.

Division III College

A Division III College holds an annual golf tournament and fundraiser to raise money for their general scholarship fund. In addition to co-branding with the university on golf products, local companies also donated premium gifts for tee prizes and a silent auction.

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