Five Product Trends for 2017

  • Jan 9, 2017

Admit it; you can’t review your Twitter feed or Netflix account without noticing “what’s trending.” As a culture, we have become obsessed with anything and everything on trend. And why not? If you can figure out what’s popular right off the bat, you might save yourself a lot of time and money you may have otherwise spent on lethal losers. In many cases, the court of public opinion rules fairly. When it comes to fashion, for example, think tartan, white trainers and shredded jeans winning out over color blocking, furry footwear and pajamas-in-public.

On Target Promotions relies on the same forecasting techniques big retailers use to predict trends. What’s more, as trend-setters ourselves, we don’t just follow lock-step. Instead, we help our clients discover fresh, exciting products that will wow their own clientele. We invite you to benefit from our experience. Check out these five categories which promise to capture the imagination of every shopper in 2017, whether he or she shops on Main Street or exclusively online:


1. Simplify– As handheld technologies keep us wired 24/7, 2017 calls for a return to a simpler, quieter time. Offer your customers an escape, with products that feature subtle details, clean lines, monochromatic colors and natural materials.

Sample products:


2. Seek & Explore– Maybe it started with reality television shows filmed on location in exotic locales. Or it could have been the introduction of group travel coupons to the masses. Whatever the cause, the effect is that Americans love to explore. Whether it’s by bike, automobile, train, plane, or on foot, people are trading couch-potato-idleness with an itch to get-up-and-go. And they want to travel lightly. Reach for products that are travel-ready without sacrificing form for function.

Sample products:


3. Techtronic– As much as we long for quieter days, few of us are prepared to completely turn our backs on the conveniences and connectivity associated with tech. With each innovation – from virtual reality goggles to drones – what matters most is being the first to acquire whatever the intuitive new “it” item is, be it shiny electronic gadgets that feature ultra-modern translucent materials or everyday items that sport funky geometric shapes and eye-catching iridescent finishes.

Sample products:


4. Discarded– This dark trend is likely a reaction to the disposable world demonstrated by television, social media and celebrity. Despite being part of virtual communities, people in 2017 have resigned themselves to a condition of abject loneliness. Their mood is reflected in monochromatic colors, distressed fabrics and grungy textures, all of which have shown up in film for years and have just recently begun appearing off screen.

Sample products:


5. Re-evolve– For those who shun convention, the hunt is on for products that boast authenticity, many of which hearken to a time when handmade items, crafted with care were more common than mass produced pre-fabrication. This classic look is achieved with muted colors such as olive, grey and red – as well as materials such as brick, wood, cotton, metal and glass.

Sample products:


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