Seven Ways to Improve Your Sphere of Influence

Mar 27, 2018

To move things forward and achieve key milestones at work, you often need to be able to influence others—whether it's colleagues, subordinates, your boss, customers or suppliers. In most cases, ...

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3 Simple Ways to Say Thank you that Get Results

Mar 27, 2018

Receiving that special thank you can make your day. That special "thank you" note in the mail or that phone call saying "thanks" puts a smile on our faces and brightens our day! Saying thank you by ...

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Feeling Stuck? How to Boost your Creativity

Mar 12, 2018

Certain professions require creativity – think graphic design, floral arranging, and composing, to name a few. And when an author struggles, a specific phrase describes the response—writ...

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When is the Right Time for a Brand Refresh?

Feb 27, 2018

*I recall about 5 years ago returning from a client meeting, sitting at my desk, feeling dejected and thinking "We've lost this client. The younger generation is going to take this client right out f...

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Marketing 2018 and Beyond

Feb 13, 2018

"Marketing in 2018 & Beyond" When the World Wide Web went mainstream at the end of the 20th Century, most business owners were quick to jump on the digital bandwagon. En masse, they abandone...

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5 things I learned while running a Marketing & Promotions Business

Oct 04, 2017

or...Avoid business potholes before they even show up Over the past 40 years in marketing and promotional products, my partners and I have learned much about running a business – most of which ...

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Client Retention...Have you left your first love?

Sep 08, 2017

Are you still pursuing your clients as if they still mean something to you? Remember how it felt to become the “new member” at your health club. They walk you around, show you the e...

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What You Absolutely Must Know About How Virtual Reality is Changing the Face of Marketing

Aug 04, 2017

In the 2002 dystopian fantasy movie, Minority Report, entertainment seekers head to a club called the VR Room. Donning headsets and electronic bodysuits, these fictional characters escape their hu...

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Millennials... Disrupting Traditional Purchasing Patterns

Jul 10, 2017

Millennials are the generation of people born from 1980 to 2000, using digital technology and mass media, the children of Baby Boomers’. The largest generation in United States’ histo...

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Marketing for Music Festivals

Jun 12, 2017

Summer has begun, and among the many things to do in sunny Southern California, such as hitting the beach or hanging out at Disneyland, are music festivals and summer concerts offered at mu...

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On Target Golf Tournament Success Stories

Jun 01, 2017

You and I know that golf means more than just a tiny white ball rolling across a massive green. It means raising money for a charity, getting together with business acquaintances, inking deals over th...

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Business Marketing: How to Handle Negative Reviews

Apr 07, 2017

“Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.” ~Kate Zabriskie For all the good the Internet has done for small business, most entrepreneur...

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Trade Show Giveaways: A necessary evil?

Mar 22, 2017

Before heading to a trade show, do you order giveaways out of obligation, since they are “expected?” Even as you place the order, do you bristle at the realization that “scooper...

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Adult Coloring Books - On Target

Feb 08, 2017

We have all seen these books online and in retail stores everywhere! But why are they so popular? Adult coloring books are a fantastic product that allows you to relax and have a bit of fun. Studies s...

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Pull off Fantastic Major Minor Celebrations

Feb 03, 2017

In the not too distant past, companies recognized staff members’ accomplishments in five-year increments. But waiting half a decade for a paper certificate that marks nothing but the passage of ...

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The Graphic Tee Lives On

Jan 20, 2017

“A printed tee is a quick, sure-fire way to communicate and express your identity” (Judah, 2015). It has the potential to influence society and create a sense of community. The article &ld...

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Riverside Big Business & Small Enterprise

Jan 15, 2017

Located in the heart of the Inland Empire, Riverside, California was named for its location beside the Santa Ana River. With a population of approximately 317,000 residents, the city is 60 miles east ...

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Swag on Target

Jan 15, 2017

Theories abound as to the exact meaning and origin of the word “swag:” Some say it originally referred to goods stolen by a burglar. Others believe it to be an acronym standing for phr...

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Five Product Trends for 2017

Jan 09, 2017

Admit it; you can’t review your Twitter feed or Netflix account without noticing “what’s trending.” As a culture, we have become obsessed with anything and everything on trend....

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All in Good Health: Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 02, 2016

The holidays are upon us, providing the perfect opportunity to come up with tangible ways to show appreciation for all of the professional people in your life. And what better way to express gratitude...

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Holiday Traditions On Target

Oct 21, 2016

The Great American Melting Pot contains a wealth of holiday traditions which can be traced to countries across the globe: Christmas Christmas trees were first used in Germany. Long before the adve...

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American's Love affair with animals and your marketing...

Aug 15, 2016

Few would argue that Americans love pets. According to the ASPCA, 42 percent of every American household includes a dog and 34 percent have a cat. In total, 75 million dogs and 83 million cats are own...

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The Story of Promotional Products

Jul 06, 2016

The first documented use of promotional products in the United States were commemorative buttons made by a Scottish engraver in 1789 to mark the inauguration of George Washington. Thereafter, the use ...

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