American's Love affair with animals and your marketing...

  • Aug 15, 2016

Few would argue that Americans love pets. According to the ASPCA, 42 percent of every American household includes a dog and 34 percent have a cat. In total, 75 million dogs and 83 million cats are owned in the United States. For their part, the American Veterinary Association (AVMA) reports that American’s love affair with animals does not end with dogs and cats. Other popular companion pets include birds, fish, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, turtles, snakes, and lizards…to name a few.

And people love spending money on their four-legged, furry friends. According to an article in Time, Americans spend a total 60 billion dollars a year on pet-related products. And the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports that, in 2015, 

pet cute

Americans purchased:

  • $2.19 billion on live animal purchases
  • $23.04 billion on pet food
  • $14.39 billion on supplies/OTC medicine
  • $15.73 billion on vet care
  • $5.24 billion on services such as grooming and boarding

What’s more: doggie play pack

  • Americans routinely give birthday presents to their pets.
  • Each fall, people purchase one third as many Halloween costumes for pets as they do for children.
  • People spend five billion dollars a year on holiday gifts for their pets.

Most psychologists and animal lovers agree that pets enrich our lives, alleviate stress and provide unconditional companionship.

As an entrepreneur or non-profit director, this trend is noteworthy because it showcases just how perfect promotional pet products could be for reinforcing your organization’s brand…whether or not your product or service has anything to do with pets! After all, your clients and prospects are three-dimensional people with lots of interests outside of their day jobs. So why not provide them with something pet-related that will make them smile?

dog bones package

OnTarget Promotions’ Shopping Center clients have a special pet happy hour that draws a crowd to their bars and restaurants. Their shoppers enjoy the promotional gifts their pets receive. These promotional gifts are very “retail looking;” such as their Yappy Hour dog treats. What puppy doesn’t appreciate dog bones, and what owner doesn’t want their puppy to be happy? 

Pet-Related Trends  

Raised pet bowls. Why should your dog or cat have to stoop for his or her meal? Bowls in virtually every size, style and color are popping up on props.

Portable Canine Backpacks: People are starting to bring their four-legged family members with them wherever they go. While many walk under their own power, others arrive in stylish bags or carried on their owners’ backs.


Pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, many of which offer special menus, baskets, toys and disposable bowls.

Eco-friendly products such as “green” waste pails, boiled-wool toys, bamboo pet wipes and recycled fleece mats.

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